StarTimes Projector TV

Put a TV in a box: High Integrated Digital Projector TV

Price:Ksh 80,500
Please visit Startimes business hall or call us


Put a TV in a box: High Integrated Digital ProjectorTV

1  DVB-S2/T2 dual model StarTimes digital TV signals input

2  1080p HD decoder in-built

3  USB HD player

4  And it is a Standard Projector which has AV, VGA and HDMI input interface.

Design and Technique: Simple but not Easy

•   Smooth Curve and Rounded Corners design,

•   3-Color Circular LED Lamp,

•   All Metal Aluminum-Alloy Case.

•   With metallic tension and 21 CNC processes of polishing,

•   sand blasting, drawing and anodizing,

•   our metal case is silky smooth and shiny.

Colorful Images: Digital Cinema Features

•   We used Digital Light Processor (DLP) from Texas Instruments,

•   which has over 1 Million micro-mirrors in a chip of 1.4cm2.

Long Life & Low Power Consumption: RGB LED light source

•   From OSRAM’s newest LED light with independent RGB prime colors,

•   with DLP helps, the ProjectorTV can project colorful images with over 90% of NTSC color range.

•   Different from UHE and UHP bulbs, LED lights bring high brightness but generate low heat.

•   They are exceptionally long lasting with a life expectancy of more than 20,000 hours.

•   It’s a guarantee that your ProjectorTV doesn’t need lamp replacements.

Wireless Audio Output: Bluetooth-Module

•   Bluetooth wireless connect with your home speaker center provides you excellent acoustics.

•   Or, simply wearing your Bluetooth headsets at night to enjoy entertainment while not disturbing others.

Connection interface:

•   CA Card: Smart Card for StarTimes Pay TV

•   DC in: 12-19V 4A

•   AV in: Connect Your DVD or STB

•   HDMI: Connect Your HD Device( DVD or STB)

•   VGA: Connect Your PC

•   SAT IN: Connect Satellite Dish

•   RF IN: Connect Territorial Antenna

•   USB: USB Disk

•   TF: MicroSD Card Storage

Product Parameters:

  Projecting screen size

  Up to 120”









  Projection ratio

  1.2:1 (76 inch at 2 meters)

  Partial axis




  Color range

  >90% NTSC

  Remote control

  2.4G RF





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