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Category: Movie
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Disaster movies can practically be bundled in a genre in and of itself. We all know their peculiarities: special-effects-laden blockbusters whose stories revolve around catastrophic events, usually featuring well-known stars. Massive earthquakes, violent tornados or even a giant radioactive monster thirsty for total destruction… these are all ingredients for a perfect catastrophe. Every Monday of the month TNT will present two thrilling movies that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, highlighting the premiere of San Andreas as the main attraction of the special. FILMS: Monday 4th of October 18:10 - Dante’s Peak (1997) 20:00 - San Andreas (2015) channel premiere Monday 11th of October 17:50 - Battleship (2012) 20:00 - Godzilla (2014) Monday 18th of October 17:45 - Backdraft (1991) 20:00 - Daylight (1996) Monday 25th of October 18:05 - Twister (1996) 20:00 - Vertical Limit (2000)

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