047 186 TNT AFRICA
Category: Movie
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
FILMS: Tuesday 3rd of November, 20:00 –Ride Along (2014) channel premiere, 21:45 –12 Rounds (2009) ; Tuesday 10th of November, 20:00 –Chaos (2005) channel premiere, 21:50 –Showtime (2002); Tuesday 17th of November, 20:00 –Exit Wounds (2002), 21:40 –Mad Max (1979); Tuesday 24th of November, 20:00 –Tango & Cash(1989), 21:40 –Snake Eyes(1998). DESCRIPTION: There is nothing like a good cop movie. Cop movies have been popular for decades, giving us Hollywood’s take on the world of law enforcement. But the industry has also shown us the dark side of the police force, putting corrupt or second-rate officers in the spotlight. In November, TNT gathers a list of stories where bad cops, either corrupt, mediocre or non-qualified, coexist with cops that fulfill their duty. Every Tuesday evening the channel offers a double feature with premieres such as Ride Along and Chaos, among others.

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