Casper Scare School

Category: Anime
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Grab your sleeping sarcophagus and pack the munchies your mummy made, Scare School is now in session! Founded over 10,000 years ago to educate and prepare the creature youth of today for the difficult challenges they’ll face tomorrow, Scare School’s purpose is to turn its pupils into lean, mean, scaring machines! A sea monster guards the entrance and the two-headed headmaster… er… one bodied headmaster?... Keep the school running screamingly. Under the watchful eyes, scaly snouts, and fiery screams of Scare School’s illustrious teaching staff, the students spend their days perfecting the craft of horrifying humans (or “fleshies” as the creatures call them). All the students but one that is… BROADCAST TIME: From May 3rd, weekdays at 13:00 CAT

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