Postman Pat SDS S1

Category: Anime
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: The world’s favorite postman is back and delivering more than ever with a brand-new series, "Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service." In this high-energy, action-packed series, it’s Postman Pat as you’ve never seen him before! He’s been promoted to the post of “Head of Special Delivery Service” and each episode follows Postman Pat on a Special Delivery mission. Equipped with his pilot’s license and a host of new transport options, Pat proves no job is too big! Delivering in hard-to-reach places, from the top of a mountain to the middle of the sea, he delivers anything from a giant ice block to a runaway cow! Pat’s new daredevil character proves he can deliver anything, anytime, anywhere. BROADCAST TIME: weekdays 10am and 12pm CAT

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