Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge

Category: Series
Available on: DISH Super+Unique ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Torcuato Ferreyra is a veteran of the Spanish Civil War who managed to amass a great fortune in Argentina after betraying his best friend, Bruno Salvat. At the end of the 30s, Bruno arrives in Argentina, in order to avenge Torcuato's treachery and rescue his sister Julia, who fell into the clutches of a pimp. Bruno gets asylum in a typical conventillo in Buenos Aires and from there he begins to plot his revenge plan. However, while plotting his plan, Bruno falls madly in love with Lucía Morel, the young and beautiful fiancée of Torcuato Ferreyra. Lucía is an intelligent, feminist and sensitive young woman who only agrees to marry Torcuato at the insistence of her vile mother to get money for the operation of her father, who is sick with tuberculosis. Meanwhile, Aldo, a good-hearted hustler who is dedicated to convincing Spanish immigrants to embark towards Argentina under the pretext of being the land of opportunities, will do his best to rescue a young and beautiful Polish girl, Raquel, from the brothel where Julia is. Other subplots of the telenovela include the romance between two young boys, Nino and Malek, the repressed homosexuality of Lucia's mother and the unrequited love of Alicia, Torcuato's sister, for Aldo. BROADCAST TIME: From Jan. 4th, Mon-Sun 21:30 CAT

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