Boonie Cubs S2

Category: Anime
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SYNOPSIS: The story of Boonie Cubs is mainly unfolded in the big tree kindergarten in the forest. The childhood version of bear brothers, Logger Vick and friend of them will appear too. Unlike the other series of Boonie Bears, bear brothers and Logger Vick will become a pair of happy friends, who will talk about everything in class, after class and in life. There are interesting stories happening one after another, making progress together and deepening friendship.In previous season, Feiling chose to sacrifice to defeat the Queen's plan. The Queen shut Feiling in the mirror space. Can Qina save Feiling and return to her happy old days? Can Qina regain her confidence after losing her magic? Will Queen Mandola gives up after failed in her plan,? Or will her comes up with a new evil plan? What new challenges will the the guardians of carcosa face? BROADCAST TIME: From Jan. 19th, Mon-Fri 17:00 CAT

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