Dawn of the Croods: Time for Evolution

Category: Anime
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Since the first sunrise, life has been good in Ahhh! Valley for The Croods… Not just content with rubbing sticks together in a cave, the world’s first family are always looking to expand their world and evolve! Join Eep, Grug, Thunk, Ugga, Sandy and Gran as they take on new challenges, try out different skills and learn by doing in this hilarious compilation of episodes from an age, long, long ago. Not even dinosaur-animal hybrids or rival factions can stop The Croods from progressing in this pre-historic land, where every day Ahh! Valley is better than the day before. BROADCAST TIME: Weekend 15th-16th and 22nd-23rd May at 10:00 CAT

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