53 127 ST NOVELA E
Category: Series
Available on: DISH Smart+Basic ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Las Espadas was once a town full of vast greenery and plantations by generations of wealthy landowners and their farmers until a 1999 major crop plague doomed across their land, sparking a superstitious tale among the locals. The tale stems from a woman named Camila dela Torre, who in 1999—right before her wedding day, "killed" their mayor and was found by her fiance in a matching bloody wedding dress and veil.[1] During her murder trial, Camila begs to the court that she is wrongfully accused, but is eventually shunned by her own rich, prominent family and fiance Vito dela Cuesta who testifies against her. Resulting in Camila's life imprisonment, she eventually gives birth to a beautiful baby girl in prison. Days later, a sudden freak fire encompasses the entire prison facility. Crying, desperate and unable to locate her newborn daughter, her last words exact revenge on every person who falsely accused her, all whilst her body burned in the flames. 18 years pass and urban legend fuses into reality as a group of teenagers headed by Elias Sanchez again tell the story of Camila. Playfully, they claim that on the day of the blood moon eclipse, the ghost of Camila will possess a new body and kickstart her vow for revenge. As if fulfilling the prophecy, a girl from nowhere, Emma Bonaobra moves to the town. Securing a job as the town's mortuary cosmetologist, she is told of the tale of The Killer Bride but disbelieves it. Lo and behold, Emma wakes up possessed, gatecrashing her family's grand party event claiming that she is the long-dead Camila, The Killer Bride. The entire town begin to question her motives. Is this a haunting chronicle that connects the rival dela Torre vs. dela Cuesta families who battled for land and politics—or is this simply a tale of The Killer Bride's spirit destined to curse the town? BROADCAST TIME: From 13th October, Mon-Fri 19:50 CAT (East and Central Africa)/21:50 CAT (West Africa), 2 episodes

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