The Heir

509_ 553 ZEE ONE
Category: Series
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: The Heir is a story of inheritance and the pressure faced by a mother to create a male heir. The story begins with a family dispute between two brothers, Charan and Jagan, who own most of the farmland in Gaguwal. Their mother declares that the business will be handed over to Jagan if Charan doesn't have a son. Soon after this announcement, tragedy hits the family and Amba gives birth to a baby girl. However, to maintain the ownership of the land and secure Charan’s dignity it is announced that the baby is a boy. How long will this big secret, the true identity of Manu, be kept from the rest of the family? BROADCAST TIME: Daily @ 7pm WAT|8pm CAT|9pm EAT

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