Prince Frog

Category: Series
Available on: DISH Smart+Basic ANTENNA
Lookpat is a clever girl who, in order to save her failing resort business, concocted a legend about the frog ghost, the main source of income for the people of her hometown of Chuen Chiva. Unbeknownst to Lookpat and others, the land had been mortgaged to a real estate company run by the cold, cool, strict businessman Kin. Kin has a secret plan to uncover the frog legend and intends to build a high-end luxury resort in Chuen Chiva. However, due to an accident, he lost his memory and became very friendly and warm. Lookpat's mom and village chief lied to Kin to save the resort, saying he was Lookpat's lover. Lookpat started to take care of him and they soon fell in love with each other. However, their happiness didn't last long as Kin quickly regained all his memories. Furious, Kin left the village and threatened to take the land immediately. Can Lookpat make Kin forgive himself for his lies? From 13th May, Weekdays, 17:50GMT, 1 episode

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