Category: Series
Available on: DISH Super+Unique ANTENNA
Emerging from a terrible event that changes the course of his life, Emman finds a stable job and lives a simple life in the province of Alcala with his father and brother. Blessings continue to come Emman's way when he reunites with his son, Robbie, for the child's birthday celebration and finally buries the hatchet with his ex-wife Celine. However, Celine's fiancé Anton cannot help but burn with jealousy despite her continued reassurance. As their reunion nears its end, things take a turn for the worse when an unidentified man takes Robbie captive in broad daylight. The story of Emman's and Celine's loss is every parent's nightmare. To lose one's child is devastating, and to lose them to an organ trafficking syndicate preying on defenseless and innocent children is an abomination. The couple, once estranged, come together to search for their son, and discover their love for one another is still there. In the process, they discover the betrayal of people they trust, and the evil permeating within their community. From 20th July Monday-Sunday 20:40CAT

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