150 155 ST KUNGFU
Category: Series
Available on: DISH Nova+Nyota ANTENNA
In order to escape the Hummer of the Princess of the Pearl River, Xu Fengnian, the son of the North King of the World, faded his robes under the arrangement of his father Xu Xiao, first entered the rivers and lakes, and had fun with the groom Lao Huang.After returning from three years of travel, Xu Fengnian, who has kept a low profile, washes away the dust. He never wants to follow the life track laid by the old man, and he is even more reluctant to take over the North King. Because becoming a king of the North, it means becoming a lonely man without feelings. However, when Xu Fengnian was crowned in the snow, he learned that one of his relatives left him and sacrificed for him. After experiencing the dark moments of life, he finally made up his mind to be a king of Beibei who is completely different from his father. It is no longer difficult to compromise. Learning martial arts, relying on the heart of the child and hard work, became a warrior, and then led the guards such as Jiang Ni and Jian Xian Li Wei. Second, entering the rivers and lakes, using the knife to make the martial arts forces chicken flying dogs jump, it seems to play chess according to the old man's routine, in fact, stepping on the snow alone, resisting the fate arrangement, and gradually cultivating Wudang, Jiangnan literary world, Xichu, Huishan Xuanyuan and other martial arts forces who are willing to be loyal to themselves ,The truth about the death of mother Wu Su was also discovered through various clues. Flying all over the sky, Xu Fengnian has a knife and a hatred, using his own body to pick up the Beiliang battle flag, and eventually become a qualified successor to the North King. From October 19,Weekdays, 18:20GMT,1 episode

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