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Every Saturday @ 20:00 CAT 03/12: BATMAN BAD BLOOD [13] When Batman goes missing, it takes the entire Bat “family” – including Batwoman and Batwing – to keep the peace in Gotham and unravel the mystery behind the Dark Knight’s 10/12: BATMAN VS ROBIN [13] Batman and Robin face their most dangerous adversary, each other! Witness the epic battle that will shape a destiny and forge the future of Robin forever. 17/12: SUPERMAN BRAINIAC ATTACKS  [F] Superman, about to finally divulge identity & feelings to Lois Lane, finds hands full when Brainiac, powerful computer bent on universal domination & Lex Luthor team to defeat him. 24/12: BATMAN THE RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS  [F] Batman and Robin spring into action when Gotham City is threatened by the city’s most vile Super-Villans, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman. 31/12: BATMAN VS TWO FACE  [F] Starring the legendary voice talents of William Shatner as Two-Face, Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar, this DC Original movie is destined to thrill Bat-fans one and all!

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