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Weekends at 10:20 & 19:35 from 2nd September to 14th October. In case you missed it, double bill on weekdays at 07:35, 12:45, 18:45 & 23:50. Science is powerful, but there is much it can’t explain. And when people see, hear or believe something that is not explained, science finds itself trying to prove things don’t exist. How, for example, is it possible that some people have stigmata - the wounds inflicted on Jesus, with no apparent medical or scientific explanation? How can these wounds disappear and reappear? Why, forty years after his reported death, do sightings of Elvis Presley happen every year? Was Mozart poisoned by his arch rival Antonio Salieri? In some cases, despite all of our modern technology and scientific advancements, some mysteries are still left unsolved. In 26 x 30” episodes, World’s Most Unexplained investigates some of the greatest and most enduring mysteries of history and life on earth and beyond. Using new interviews, expert analysis, archive footage and high-quality reconstructions, the programmes discover and uncover, investigate and suggest…. But can never fully explain.

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