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Weeknights at 19:00 from 4th until 13th September. A gripping true crime series, "Sleeping with Death" investigates shocking stories of people who woke up to find that a friend or loved one was murdered during the night. In these unsettling cases, survivors arose to a waking nightmare, oblivious to the violence that took place in the house while they slept—sometimes in the same room or bed. Each episode examines a new compelling case and the investigation to identify the killer, who could be an overnight intruder or perhaps someone close to the victim from inside the home. The series kicks off with the case of Johnia Berry, who was stabbed more than 22 times in her Knoxville, Tenn., bedroom while her male roommate escaped. Investigators couldn’t fathom how this young man evaded Johnia’s fate. Will a years-long investigation reveal the true killer?

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