Two Wives

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Yvonne, the typical homemaker who prioritizes her family over everything, is married to Victor. They have a son, and they are the epitome of a happy family, until Yvonne discovers that her husband is having an affair with another woman named Janine. Victor’s failed business forced him to work in the flower farm of Janine, a single mother. He was later driven to accept her other unusual job offer – he is to pretend to be a father to her daughter. As days passed, Victor found himself getting attracted and falling in love with Janine.When Yvonne finds out about Victor’s extramarital affair, Janine distances herself away from him. But Yvonne and Victor are unable to patch things up. Victor reckons that he is really in love with Janine. Yvonne and Victor eventually get their annulment. Victor chooses to be with Janine, and he decides to start a new life by marrying her. Meanwhile, Yvonne also moves on and the promise of a second chance in love comes into the picture through Albert, a charming insurance executive. Not long after, Victor gets into a car accident and loses all of his memories of Janine. He believes he is still married to Yvonne. This incident is a game changer as it brings Victor back to the past that he escaped from.. For her son’s welfare, Yvonne is forced to pretend to be the wife that Victor remembers, even if she now appears to be the mistress. How will she get out of this ordeal? Will she be able to pursue her own happiness with Albert? Victor’s ex-wife is now pretending to be his legal spouse. This devastates Janine, as she is pregnant with Victor’s baby. How will Janine fight for her place as the rightful wife? This Filipino adaptation of an original Korean format promises to be full of compelling situations and emotional fireworks. From 2nd November East and Central Africa: Monday-Friday 20:40CAT West Africa: Monday-Friday 22:40CAT

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