Viral Scandal

Category: Series
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Like all Overseas Filipino Workers, Karla Sicat is no stranger to making sacrifices for her loved ones. Thankfully, her hard work is well worth it because her husband Dan, and their three children, Rica, Bea, and Nico are doing very well. Rica, especially, is about to finish her apprenticeship at an architectural firm. However, their world is rocked and turned upside down due to a scandal. A certain sex video goes viral and Rica is in it. As a result, Karla returns home and learns from Rica that the video wasn’t consensual and how she was raped. Now, facing the unsolicited opinions and judgment of everyone around them, Karla’s own past of being a mistress to a married mayor resurfaces. With their claims being brushed aside, Karla not only has to protect her daughter and family from public scrutiny, she also needs to mend her crumbling relationship with Rica – who resents how her mother’s past has always haunted her. From Nov.22, 1 episode Mon-Sat 21:30 CAT and Sun 21:45 CAT

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