Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild 

Category: Anime
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From Monday 6 November at 16:10CAT  Series 1 (20 episodes)  Steve Backshall and young conservationist Aneeshwar Kunchala visit zoos and safari parks to meet amazing animals with wild connections. Aneeshwar won over judges on Britain's Got Talent after sharing his passion for the natural world, and now he's teamed up with presenter Steve Backshall to meet a host of incredible animals. Together they come face to face with the world's biggest land animal, the largest rodent, a very noisy bird and some underwater marvels to discover how even the most unusual animals are connected. As the animal-loving pair meet these wonderfully exotic animals, the series helps children see the wonders of our natural world and make connections with the wildlife in their own local parks and gardens. 

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