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Enjoy the Angry Birds animated TV series based on the incredibly popular game and a follow up to two blockbuster cinema films   At the centre of Angry Birds is the angriest of them all RED, who with his best friend, a yellow bird called CHUCK, who makes up for his lack of anger with humour, together do their best to deal with the menacing green pigs who are unfortunately great at building things. And let’s not forget BOMB. While his name would suggest otherwise Bomb is one of the chilliest birds in the game. His presence may be larger-than-life, but he has a big heart, but when he gets worked up, Bomb explodes. He also cares for the hatchlings, the smallest younger birds who look up to the bigger birds.   And if you are already a fan of Angry Birds you’ll know that these birds cannot fly, which is where the slingshots come into play. Monday to Friday at 7.30am and 5.30pm Saturday & Sunday 2pm

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