The Legends of Monkey King

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Due to changes in heaven, the stone demon broke out of the stone three hundred years in advance. The stone demon, whose survival was in doubt, embarked on the road to seek immortality. He narrowly escaped death on the way to seek immortality, but fortunately Canary risked his life to save him, so the stone demon made a promise to resurrect Canary. In order to fulfill his promise, the stone demon became a disciple and practiced all the way. During this period, he had secret feelings with the innocent Feng Ling and the aloof and cold Yang Lan. The two started a game. The bloody battle with Heaven made him finally become the invincible Nine Wilds Supreme. However, he once again watched Que'er's reincarnated wind chime disappear into ashes in front of him. Filled with resentment, he picked up the Nine Dragon Stick and pointed directly at Heaven. From April 25,Weekdays, 18:20 GMT,2 episodes

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