100% Senorita

Category: Series
Available on: DISH Smart+Basic ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: The Chinese Double Kara is coming!!! Twenty years ago, a surrogate mother gave birth to twin girls, and the little girls were ruthlessly separated. One was sent to the rich chairman, and the other was raised by a poor biological mother. Twenty years later, they have grown into stunningly beautiful girls. The chairman's daughter, Zhuang Feiyang, is a sweetheart, gentle and generous, and fell in love at first sight by handsome handsome boy Wei Xiang at a banquet; while her twin sister Liang Xiaofeng is a famous girl on the street, hot and reckless. Although they don't know each other, they are entangled by the fate of blood. BROADCAST TIME: From 17th December, Mon-Fri 19:00 CAT

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