Yan Zamani S8

Category: Series
Available on: DISH Nova+Nyota
SYNOPSIS: Salim Dikko the eldest son of the family took leadership of the house in absence of Hajiya Turai who’s on medical trip abroad. In the beginning His stern leadership disposition gave additional stability to the entire household but things starts to deviate further from the ordinary when he (Salim) invites and extends major parts of his responsibility to their uncle (Nomau) whom despite being a wayward, greedy and clueless person resorts to dictatorship in the house, this and other pressing factors leads to an assault against him by the most cantankerous people in the house (KB and Shamsu), this assault brought Nomau to a hospital bed and eventually lost control as he struggle to regain his health. Things took another ugly turn when Salim got married to a lady from an unfamiliar background, when she arrives in the house so many twists, harassment, greed, dubious plots, hypocrisy and deliberate exploitation became the order of the day. On the other hand Masud Dikko the second son of the Dikko family was caught in a love triangle where Ladi and Teema become so confrontational and hard to pin down as each of the two claims to be the right candidate for Mas’ud to marry. This saga opens up a can a worms for Mas’ud where terrible secrets becomes wide open and also gave rise to series for deceits and ridicule until when Mas'uds sisters (Zinaru and Bintu) intervenes and tries to play the eagle eyes in the cat and mouse game between Teema and Ladi. Another intriguing part is when Bilkisu, the stepmother in the house returns from a long break to discover her schoolmate, the newly wed bride of Salim, unknown to all happens to be a greedy, mischievous lady who can only get married to rich people, siphon what she could get out of them and leave them high and dry. This knowledge become a source of a strong battle between the two powerful ladies each accusing the other for mischievous agenda while putting Salim at the brink of breaking point. Later on bilki decides to blackmail her which she succeeded in raising some cooked up allegations against her. As series of confrontations, heat up arguments runs across all corners of the house bilki silently plots behind closed doors to make Shamsu (third son on the family row) assume leadership role in the house, she succeeded but not without some lingering challenges, and this continues till last episode of the season but as the season comes to an end some old friend of late Alhaji Dikko appears with some shocking breaking news that one of Alhaji Dikkos sons is not his biological son! BROADCAST TIME: From September 20, Every Sunday 19:15 GMT

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