Evil Lives Here: Shadows Of Death

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Category: Documentary
Available on: DISH Super+Unique ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Evil casts a shadow, one that spreads outward for years, even decades, after a crime. This chilling series reveals how the impact of a crime changes people, and what follows that life-changing event. Anchored by intimate interviews, this series explores how a crime forever alters the lives of those involved. From the detective investigating a stack of cold cases in Maryland who uncovers a shocking and gruesome common thread, to the police officer shot dead on duty in front of his 12-year-old nephew, each case leaves a mark on those left behind. Now, loved ones, witnesses, and law enforcement - many telling their stories for the first time ever - reflect on how the past continues to haunt the present. BROADCAST TIME: From Tuesday 19 January at 21:00 CAT

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