Wild At Heart

79 139 TLNovelas
Category: Series
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: A young woman of humble means reinvents herself to avenge those who cruelly mistreated her. Corazón Indomable tells the story of Maricruz Olivares, a beautiful young woman who has grown up poor in the Mexican countryside. When she and debonair pilot Octavio Narváez meet by chance, they fall in love. However, Octavio s snobbish family despise Maricruz for her humble origins and subject her to countless humiliations, forcing her to flee to Mexico City. There, her life changes drastically when a kind, paternal millionaire takes her under his wing and transforms her into a refined and successful business woman. Reborn with a new identity, and armed with wealth and power, Maricruz returns to the ranch determined to seek revenge at any cost. BROADCAST TIME: From October 19th, Monday-Friday at 8:10 CAT

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