356 302 CBEEBIES
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Aimed at younger children, this pirate-themed game-show style series is set aboard a shipwrecked pirate ship called the Scarlet Squid, on which three naughty pirates reside. In each episode Captain Sinker and her two hapless shipmates, Cook and Line, harbour stolen jewels, and it's up to a team of swashbucklers to take part in a series of games such as the Tumbly Barrel and the Wacky Whirlpool in order to find them -with the help of the ship's parrot Squawk. If the swashbucklers find all the jewels, one of the shipmates has to walk to plank - straight into a pool of gunge called the Ship's Mess! BROADCAST TIME: Double bills from Sunday 3 January at 17:00 CAT

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