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Lin Shuang, who was once a top student at a first-class university, became pregnant quickly after marriage and became a full-time mother. However, she was betrayed as she devoted herself to the family. Divorce was imminent and Lin Shuang had to return to the workplace in order to fight for the custody of his daughter. Embarrassed, she ran into Gu Xu, a former classmate and now a returning talent at the workplace. After so many years, Gu Xu never expected to cross paths with Lin Shuang again. He was furious when he learned that she had abandoned the major she had studied hard for many years due to marriage. Faced with various tests in marriage, career, and family relationships, Lin Shuang faced the difficulties with the support of his friend Jiang Xi. Gu Xu, who helped behind the scenes, couldn't help but be attracted to Lin Shuang. Lin Shuang used practical actions to complete the transformation from a housewife to a working person, and also gained a beautiful love with Gu Xu. Lin Shuang and Jiang Xi grew up in workplace conflicts and emotional collisions, applied what they learned, worked hard, and ushered in a new life of their own.From June 3, Weekdays 17:50GMT, 2 episodes

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