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From Saturday 1 June at 19:00 Series 1, Set 1 (50 episodes)   Pre-school programme about the inquisitive Twirlywoos; four colourful bird-like creatures who have come from far away to seek adventure and fun in a world that is new and interesting to them. The characters include Great BigHoo, the blue inquisitive Twirlywoo, Toodloo, the red flamboyant Twirlywoo, and Chickedy and Chick - two small yellow Twirlywoos who are inseparable friends. There's also Peekaboo - a secret character who can be seen by the audience but not the Twirlywoos! In each episode the characters learn about something new. In series one, the Twirlywoos learn about up and down when they play with a bouncy ball, and turn a piece of outstretched elastic into a trampoline. They also get carried away trying to wrap things up after watching a woman pack a present, have fun on a roundabout and find out how to make something shorter when they unravel a woollen blanket.

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