StarTimes GO: the first Pan-African dedicated shopping channel to be launched

The integrated e-shopping platform StarTimes GO announced to launch a dedicated shopping channel by the same name on September 1st. The channel is to be broadcast through 7 days, available in 24 hours, with which the audience can access a massive array of products and unlimited possibilities in e-shopping. This launch is to meet the customers’ requirement of improved operation and service. Firstly launched in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, the integrated e-shopping channel will then be available across pan-Africa.

As an integrated e-shopping platform, StarTimes GO offers multiple shopping methods including TV shopping, Online shopping and Phone-call shopping. This time, the launch of a new dedicated channel will boost the Direct Broadcast of an vivid shopping experience for the audience with the professional host and scene settings on TV.

In addition to the current representative products relating to digital TV access, StarTimes GO will expand the categories to high-tech daily commodities for family, such as water-proof shaver, well-designed light power bank, Hi-Fi wireless speaker, and high-end electric toothbrush. With the dedicated channel StarTimes GO, the audience can access the latest special offers and commodity updates in time. The e-shopping platform also features Direct Source and Direct Selling, to further control the quality of goods and to avoid price raise in the process. Only the commodities with the best competitive edges in market will be present on the channel StarTimes GO, for which the professional team of the e-shopping platform hold strict criteria in product comparison and selection.

“In the previous operation of StarTimes GO, the integrated e-shopping platform, we received support and were touched by the passion from our customers. The advancement this time is to further enrich joyful experience in e-shopping. The Direct Delivery we offer now is more than the commodities themselves; a reachable lifestyle with high-tech, fashion and convenience is what we would like to deliver to every home currently. And we trust launching the brand new dedicated channel will bring surprises.” said Liu Yang, the head of e-commerce department in StarTimes.

StarTimes GO

StarTimes GO is an integrated e-shopping platform offering premium selected commodities of Good Design, Good Quality, and Good Price. The platform provides “TOP” experience in TV shopping, Online shopping and Phone-call shopping featuring Direct Source, Direct Broadcast, Direct Selling and Direct Delivery. The e-shopping platform is now available across pan-Africa area.

More information could be found on StarTimes’ official Facebook Page:


StarTimes is the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving 13 million DVB subscribers and 20 million OTT users in 30+ countries. StarTimes owns a 600+ channels’ content platform combining African local channels (75%) and international channels (25%, including Chinese channels 1.5%). The company's vision is "To ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of digital TV".

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