StarTimes Brings Two Novelas This November

ST Novela E, the channel famous for classical telenovelas of quality, will broadcast two different themed dramas this November, to make sure that the audience of various tastes all can enjoy the time with it.

The Indian drama named Gathbandhan, to be on air from November 16th, Mon-Fri 19:00 CAT (East and Central Africa) /21:00 CAT (West Africa), tells a dramatic love story with light elements. Considering that the main characters actually stand against each other as their contrasting identities require, a pinch of comedic factor somehow lightens the tone of the story and potentially leads to a relaxing atmosphere for watching. The love journey between two distinct individuals, a gangster and a cop gets many twists and turns. Raghu and Dhanak’s love gets tested when they get tangled in the conflicting family backgrounds, their lives, their emotional values and also the laws. Dhanak belongs to a respectable family, while Raghu is raised in a completely different world. He lives with his mother Savitri Bai. He runs the family business of extortion. The love saga between Raghu and Dhanak gets gripping. They share good and bad times, living in Dashrath chawl. Raghu doesn’t want their unusual situations to ruin their love. Raghu has full faith in Dhanak. They both try to pass all the tests of love while battling on their chosen paths. They try to look at the tough situations by each other’s perception.

The other one named The General’s Daughter was a hit on ST Novela E plus. It echoes on ST Novela E this time just due to the popularity among drama fans. From 18th November, between Monday-Friday, 2 episodes every day, 19:50CAT for East and Central Africa and 21:50CAT for West Africa. The story revolves around a woman named Rhian Bonifacio who is a Military Nurse for the AFP(Armed Forces of the Philippines) and is dedicated in saving lives. But she has a secret. She's a spy, trained by her very own father, Tiago, to exact revenge against his enemy, Marcial, a general of the army. She will be wedged between the two forces because of her love for her family. Believing that what she's doing is for the good of all, what will she do when she discovers that everything she's fighting for is a lie that Tiago, the father she has known and loved all her life is the real enemy using her against her real father, Marcial? The General’s Daughter is considered the most popular Philippine drama in 2019, which has won more than 20 awards. And the audience rating of the drama in Philippine is even higher than that of some previous hits such as Wildflower, Asintado, The Blood Sisters.

According to Lily Meng, the Head of StarTimes Media Division, ST Novela E is always at an affordable price with more fascinating content being added in. “We are willing to keep enriching the choices for customers, and hope that the upcoming dramas can serve a wonderful family night.”

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